If you can’t make any of the scheduled audits for the Westside Area Concept Plan, you can do them on your own or with friends. 

  1. Print the Map of the Bike+Pedestrian Framework and the List of Proposed Trail Segments.
  2. There are two segments that are not part of the consultants plan #H and #J along Henderson Creek and along the ridge above Cascade which are shown in pink on the map. We especially want people to assess whether these would be good off-road trails. 
  3. Bike or walk as many of the trail segments as you are interested in.
  4. For each trail segment you complete please fill out this form. You can fill out the form as you go with a smart phone or you can print it out as a paper copy and do it by hand as you walk or ride. Contact Heather Staten to return paper forms. 

The goal is to get citizen feedback on the safety and quality of the existing and proposed routes with a focus on people from 8-80 years old, and all levels of fitness/eagerness to ride or walk. Your answers will be compiled and used to inform our community leaders in how and where citizens want bike/ped routes.

Here are some other materials that might help in your analysis where you can see the grade of the land, where the streets are supposed to go etc.:

  1. Proposed Street Network for Westside Area
  2. Aerial Photo of Project Area
  3. Map of Major Property Owners
  4. Street Framework 5.5.17Neighborhood Framework
  5. Topographical Map of Project Area
  6. Map of Current Zoning
  7. Bikeway Design Illustrations (this will help you identify what kind of bike facility–like a protected bike lane–is appropriate in a given location)

Got questions? Call Heather Staten 541-490-5225 or heather@hrvrc.org.

Thanks for your help!