e-Bike Raffle

Who needs a car? Electric bikes are a game-changer in Hood River. Be the envy of the drop-off line at school, run errands in record time, and save that gas money for a bottle of wine. The Yuba elMundo electric cargo bike can replace your family’s minivan easily hauling up to 440 lbs. plus the rider. 

HRVRC is raffling a swank $3,799 Yuba elMundo e-bike. The winner has their choice of sizes so it’s just right for them. Hills? What hills? Exhilarate with that “hand of God” feeling as you are gently pushed up steep hills with very little effort even when loaded down with the week’s grocery shopping. Thanks to our friends at Hood River’s new electric bike store Oregon E-Bikes (baby sister company to Big Winds) for making this raffle possible.

Raffle tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50. Only 400 will be sold and the drawing will be held on the Solar Eclipse, August 21, so you’ll have plenty of sunny riding time this season. Drawing at the Moth Lounge between 6 and 7 pm when the house band, the Hapa Hillbillies, takes a break to refill their glasses. Need not be present to win. Purchase raffle tickets from any HRVRC board member, at Waucoma Books, by calling (541) 386-6221 or online here: