Heights Urban Renewal Project

The Heights Urban Renewal District is about to kick into gear. The City of Hood River is launching the project with two community input events and they need you. What are the projects and priorities that would most improve this upcoming area? The meetings build on each other, so plan to attend both if you are interested in improving the streetscape, livability, economy and beauty of the Heights.

The Heights is a diamond in the rough. Urban Renewal is a chance to improve the streetscape, livability, economy and beauty of the Heights. If you live there, work there, own a business there or shop there, you’ve probably had some close calls crossing 12th or 13th. Urban Renewal funding could go towards improvements that make the Heights a safer and more pleasant place to walk and shop. 

OCTOBER 19, 5:30-7 pm, 
Hood River Fire House, 1785 Meyer Pkwy 

An educational meeting including an Urban Renewal 101, Heights District Overview, and Project Examples. 
Here is the Urban Renewal Introduction Powerpoint  from that meeting.

NOVEMBER 9, 5:30-7 pm, Hood River Fire House, 1785 Meyer Pkwy  

Provide input on project priorities. Help the City decide what projects are implemented in the near future.

If you want to prep for the events and see the goals of the Heights Urban Renewal Area and the kind of projects it can fund, read the Hood River Heights Business District Urban Renewal Plan.

Here is a video we made about land use in Hood River, if you start at minute 6:20 you’ll see some of our ideas about what’s wrong with 12th/13th and how they can get fixed: