Kate McCarthy Honored in Congressional Record

Kate McCarthy was a founding member of the Hood River Valley
Residents Committee. Before her passing in Kate McCarthyNovember, she devoted much of her life to protecting Oregon’s iconic wild places, especially Mount Hood.

Sen. Ron Wyden worked with Kate on many occasions and he recently honored her with a tribute in the Congressional Record. Reflecting on Kate’s life, Sen. Wyden wrote “Born in 1917 adjacent to the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Hood in Parkdale, Kate spent most of her life in awe of the natural beauty that surrounded her. Kate drew from that passion as she worked to preserve many of Oregon’s most iconic outdoor spaces. For several years, Kate worked closely with local organizations, as well as my office, to protect the north side of Mount Hood and Cooper Spur from a massive destination resort in the Hood River Valley. After years of hard fought battles, Congress passed the Mount Hood Wilderness Bill. The bill protects more more than 200,000 acres of wilderness and rivers in Hood River, an accomplishment I am proud to have been a part of. Because of Kate’s lifetime of work to protect some of our most beautiful wetlands, forests, wildlife and farms, she has given Oregonians and people from around the world opportunties to experience Oregon’s natural splendor for generations to come.”

Read the full Congressional Record here.