Odell Urban Unincorporated Community


In September, the Hood River County Board of Commissioners indefinitely postponed the state- mandated boundary setting process for the unincorporated community of Odell. The County started this effort back in 2013 with public meetings presenting three different boundary options. Local opposition quickly developed over the two largest proposals favored by the Commissioners because they converted far too much farmland to urban uses. Additionally, state agencies weighed in that the larger proposals failed to meet Oregon guidelines for boundary setting. This is at least the third attempt the county has made at setting an urban boundary for the community of Odell. While HRVRC was opposed to converting high-value farmland into development, we believe it would have been beneficial to our community for the County to complete the boundary setting process. Under state law, once an urban unincorporated boundary is set, the County has much more freedom to adopt creative zoning allowing for greater density of development and making more land available for affordable housing.


The state-mandated boundary setting for the unincorporated community of Odell is again on hold. HRVRC firmly stated   the County’s two larger boundary proposals would convert far too much farmland to urban uses and would not fly with us or at the state level with LCDC (HRVRC comments Feb. 14, 2104). We think they heard us. Currently the County Planning Department is fully occupied with new development applications so work on the Odell Boundary has been postponed until fall.  At that time, the process will resume with work sessions with the Planning Commission leading to a third public meeting. We will keep you updated on the process and opportunities for public participation.

In February, the county made a Introductory Presentation  and a first round of public comments were accepted. Three different options have been proposed none of which are in accordance with OAR 660 Division 22.