Punchbowl Falls Park OK’d for Funding

For more than 100 years, people in Hood River have dreamed of acquiring Punchbowl Falls as a county park. Yesterday we got the good news that the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission approved Hood River County’s $470,000 acquisition grant request. Big thanks to everyone involved.

The property should be transferred to the county by the end of the year. We’ll be back in touch with updates on park development including requests for trail building volunteers.

We want to thank all of you who answered our survey, came to public forums, site visits and the trash pick up day. Thank you for sharing your stories, professional knowledge and so patiently answering my questions. Tom Kloster and Trailkeepers of Oregon were unbelievably generous in assisting with trail design.  Peter Marbach’s stunning photos and Pierce Hodge’s video of the property brought the experience of Punchbowl to the grant committee in a way that words could not. Extra special thanks to the members of the Park Advisory Committee, Nikki Smith, Elizabeth Holmes Gaar, Abby Capovilla, Dan Peirce, Ron Reynier, Mike Clough and Chuck Gehling who worked so hard and thoughfully on a concept plan for the park. They repeatedly went the extra mile. Thank you to the Board of Commissioners for their support of taking on a new county park and to county staff for their enthusiasm and expertise.

It’s inspiring to live in a community like this.

See proposed trail system plan: ConfluenceObliqueHood1.1